The film has been shot in Grenoble and Queyrières, France, in July '23.
The post-production has taken place in Pairs in Sept-Nov. '23​​​​​​​

The Trailer :

The Film :
(Password protected - on demand only)
Faites Demi-Tour Dès Que Possible
(International Title : Turn Around as Soon As Possible)

Written & Directed by Lionel AUGUSTE

Produced by InLumina Productions

Cast & Crew

Antoine - Lionel AUGUSTE
Mélanie - Justine THIBAUDAT
Max & Lucie - Tom & Lily Baïada
First Lumberjack - Joffrey Platel
Second Lumberjack - Vincent Delorme
Mr. Benoit ALLEMANE lends his voice to The Tree

Shooting Crew
1st Assistant Director - Eléonor JEGO
Director of Photography & 1st  Cameraman - Jean-Baptiste POGGI
2nd Cameraman - Romuald RIFFAUD
Sound Recorder - Jean-Roland M'BARGA
Set Manager - Marcel MAGNIN

Post-production Crew
Editor - Marie SILVI
Color Grading - Pierre LEROY DEBENOIT
Sound Editor & Mixer - Jean Roland M'BARGA


Azure by Aukaï
Courtesy of

It's True by David Hamburger
Courtesy of

The Beat Detector by Novembers
© Artlist Original.

A Few On-Set Pictures​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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